The Irish operation is based near Navan, 30 minutes from Dublin airport and specialises in hide and skin processing and curing. Capacity: computerised and semi-automated lines can handle up to 6,000 hides per week and up to 10,000 lamb or sheepskins per week.


Director and shareholder Dermot Bergin brings with him over 20 years’ experience in the Irish meat trade and is the previous owner of a major abattoir. His expertise on processing systems is a real asset.


Barry Murphy joined the company in January 2010 and specialises in new market development for the Group alongside our teams from France and Italy.


Beef - Main Raw Hide Categories


Grade Salted Weight Range Average Salted Weight Yield in Wet-blue
Ox/Heifer 22.5/26.5 25/26 kgs 40/42 sq.ft.
Ox/Heifer 27/30.5 29/30 kgs 47/49 sq.ft.
Ox/Heifer 31/38.5 35/36 kgs 52/54 sq.ft.
Ox/Heifer 39+ 42/44 kgs 58/60 sq.ft.
Cows 20/30 26/28 kgs 46/48 sq.ft.


Lamb - Main Grades & Seasons


Grade Size sq.ft. / Skin Main Season
Lambs-nappa 7-7.25 Sep/Feb
Lambs-nappa 5-5.5 Sep/Feb
Lambs-double face 7-7.25 May/Nov
Lambs-double face 5-5.5 May/Nov
Hoggets-nappa 7.5 Feb/May
Sheep-nappa 8-9 July/Feb
Hoggets-nappa 7-8 July/Feb
Sheep-rugs 9-10 Oct/Feb