The UK operation is run by Steve Rose, who has over 25 years’ experience with major UK abattoirs and was involved in the purchase and control of hides for the Pittards Tannery Group. Steve is charged with increasing our supply from the UK and forming partnerships with abattoirs. He also travels on behalf of the Group to meet tanneries and sales teams in India and South America.


All hides are stack-cured, un-fleshed, 100% machine pulled and trimmed. Selection 70/30%-1/11 or better in raw. We offer renderer hides from kennels in the UK and Ireland, guaranteeing the best in quality, from collection and take-off through to salting and grading.


All hides are either shipped directly to markets or sent for grading and further selection at our facilities in Italy.


We grade all skins according to wool length: usually under 2 inches, and above 2 inches. The length will be specified in each contract. Special grades can be offered according to tannery needs. Shorn sheep are available from July through to December.


Beef - Main Raw Hide Categories 

Grade Salted Weight Range Average Salted Weight Yield in Wet-blue
Ox/Heifer 22.5/26.5 25/26 kgs 40/42 sq.ft.
Ox/Heifer 27/30.5 29/30 kgs 47/49 sq.ft.
Ox/Heifer 31/38.5                          35/36 kgs 52/54 sq.ft.
Ox/Heifer 39+ 42/44 kgs 58/60 sq.ft.
Cows 20/30 26/28 kgs 46/48 sq.ft.



Category Weight Range Average Salted Weight      
Calf                                                       2.5-5.5                             3.3                        
Kips 10- 8
Kips                                    10+ 12
Cows 18+ 26/28
Cow/Steer 20+ 28/30
Cow/Steer                   29+ 32


Lamb - Main Grades & Seasons

Grade Size sq.ft. / skin Main Season
Lambs-nappa 7-7.25 Sep/Feb
Lambs-nappa 5-5.5 Sep/Feb
Lambs-double face 7-7.25 May/Nov
Lambs-double face 5-5.5 May/Nov
Hoggets-nappa 7.5 Feb/May
Sheep-nappa 8-9 July/Feb
Hoggets-nappa 7-8 July/Feb
Sheep-rugs 9-10 Oct/Feb