The Italian operation based in the famous Santa Croce area (between Pisa and Florence), a well-known tanning area for top class fashion is led by Alessandro Monti and Fabrizio Mariani cumulating over 40 years' experience in the leather industry.



We specialise in curing and grading hides from central and southern Europe. Main origins of hides are Spain, Italy, Belgium and also Poland. We also cut hides into wet-salted croupons or double butts, shoulders, bellies and backs or dossets.


We also sell selected wet blue hides, splits and cow hide rugs through our other group division, Nick Winters Leather.


Beef - Main Raw Hide Categories


Main Products Average Salted Weight Yield End Use
French Cow Bellies 8/10 kgs 18/20 sq.ft. Leather gloves
French Bull Bellies 11/13 kgs 18/20 sq.ft. Shoe uppers/leather goods
Irish Steer Croupons 14/18 kgs 22/24 sq.ft. Soles/leather belts
Irish Steer Shoulders 9/11 kgs 13/15 sq.ft. Fancy belts/leather bags
European Bulls 24/34 kgs 48/50 sq.ft. Shoes/bags
European Bulls 34/45 kgs 56/58 sq.ft. Auto/shoes/upholstery
Wet-blue European Cows Grain splits 52/54 sq.ft. Upholstery
Wet-blue European Cows Drop splits 10/12 kgs Suede/shoes/bags